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"Hosted" Website

The most economical manner of putting a managed website onto the internet.

  • The yearly cost of this service is dependent on your website filesize. Price ranges from $48 to $2400 a year. See our filesize pricing listed in the table below.
  • Includes initial basic template and website design.
  • 3 html coding changes and 6 editorial changes per year.
  • After limit of html coding changes and editorial changes a surcharge of $50 per hour will be levied.
  • Submission to 20 Major Internet Search Engines.
  • Maximum total filesizes of 5 Mb.
  • Unlimited data transfer.
  • Conditions include one year paid in advance contract agreement.


"Hosted" Pricing

Website filesize (bytes) Setup Cost Annual Fee HTML Changes Editorial Changes
less than 100k $24 $48 3/yr 6/yr
100k-250k $60 $120 3/yr 6/yr
250k-500k $120 $240 3/yr 6/yr
500k-750k $180 $360 3/yr 6/yr
750k-1Mb $200 $480 3/yr 6/yr
1Mb-2Mb $200 $960 3/yr 6/yr
2Mb-3Mb $200 $1,440 3/yr 6/yr
3Mb-4Mb $200 $1,920 3/yr 6/yr
4Mb-5Mb $200 $2,400 3/yr 6/yr

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